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tarin boone, naturally me, naturally me media My name is Tarin Boone and I love natural hair care and styles! I have been natural for 9 years and have been through many trials and errors, hair styles, websites, blogs, videos, you name it! Since 2010 I have been blogging about all things related to  natural hair care and styles seen on this website.

If you are just transitioning to natural hair or maybe two to three years into your journey you can bet to find all the infromation you need here. From washing and conditioning, simple and complex natural hair styles, to finding a natural hair stylist. We have it!

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I also try to incorporate other natural hair related articles that fit with  various stages in the natural hair journey such as transitioning, biracial hair care, naturally straight, and dreadlocks. If you want to browse around this site, you will find over 300 artciles on natural hair products, product reviews, dreadlocks, and naturally straight styles.

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Natural Hair Care

Need a good place to start looking for natural hair care? Natural hair care is the most important step in growing natural hair to great lengths and health.

Here are a few of our most popular natural hair care articles. Click below to view all articles on natural hair care.

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Natural Hair Styles

After getting the basics down on natural hair care the next step is learning and mastering natural hair styles.  Here are a few of our most popular natural hair styles. Click below to see our growing list of natural hair styles.






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