Cold Wave Rods On Natural Hair

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Beutiful, Bouncy, Curls!

Cold wave rods on natural hair are great rollers to achieve a spiral curl look. Cold wave rods also known as perm rods are  hard, concave plastics rollers that can be used on relaxed, natural, and synthetic hair. They are fairly inexpensive and can be used a number of ways. Recently, I gave them a try on my hair using a no heat method like I have previously tried with flexi rods.

I hate the dryer because it takes FOR-ev-ER for my hair to dry and I rather not die from heat exhaustion lol ,so of course I used the no heat route to complete this natural hair style. If you prefer not sleeping in the rollers like I did you can certainly achieve this cold wave rods on natural hair style by sitting under the dryer.

Products Used:

Cold Wave Rods (about 48 used,I bought 4 packs of 12)

Basic Hair Care Mega Moisture Leave In – I can use this leave in as is in the summer. Leaves my hair detangled, shiny, and moisturized. Perfect pair with gels, mousse, and setting lotions to lock in hydration and not flake.

Basic Hair Care  Hydra Shine Styling Mousse – I LOVE this mousse it has the consistency of an oil which leaves great moisture even on a rod set! NO CRUNCHY CURLS! But the hold of a setting lotion.

Basic Hair Care Shine Serum

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  1. Wash,  Condition, and Detangle hair throughly. You want to make sure all knots and tangles are out before applying rollers
  2. Apply a leave in conditioner that will add moisture to your hair.
  3. I parted my hair in 4 sections to make the rolling go faster and to see hair sections easily since my hair is very thick.
  4. TIP: The section of hair you are rolling should be the size of the diameter of the roller. Any bigger and you will have trouble with the cold wave rod staying.
  5. After sectioning off hair apply setting lotion and begin wrapping the ends of hair around base of rod and working upwards on the roller. Secure with rubber string.
  6. REPEAT steps 3-6 until all hair is completely rolled.
  7. Sit under dryer or air dry hair ( I did mine at night and slept with the rollers in)
  8. Once hair is dry (especially the roots) place oil or shine serum on hair and take down rollers. If hair is not all the way dry DON’T remove the rod  but use blow dryer to spot treat the wet spots.
  9. With shine serum on your hands separate each curl 2-4 times depending on how full you want your hair.
  10. ENJOY your candy curls!  Snap a pic and tag #naturallymetaughtme



If you ever wanted to get your natural hair regimen on point but just haven't taken that first step, this challenge is for you!

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