flat iron heat damageSo you decided to straighten your natural hair for a while  and now have dangly straightened strands left to show for it. Heat damage occurs after excessive use of heat weakens the strand and thus losing your natural curl pattern. Heat damage can happen to women who choose to wear their natural hair straight majority of the time or even just occasionally. Learning how to properly straighten curly hair will lead to fewer incidents of heat damage. For example not using flat irons to straighten that hair past 350 degrees.

Getting rid of heat damaged hair is most often like transitioning from relaxed to natural hair.  First you need to identify where the heat damage is located. Heat damage can be in one spot of your head, several spots, or all over. The easiest way to notice if the hair has been damaged by high levels of heat is to look at the ends. The pieces that are looser than your normal curl pattern or just plain straight have been ravaged by heat.

heat damage hair strand
microscopic view of a heat damaged hair strand.

I hate to be the one to tell you this but heat damage is NOT REVERSIBLE.  This maybe fustrating and even make you angry but the only way to get rid of those straggly pieces is to let them grow out and cut them off. Sure you can do extra deep treatments or protein treatments to strengthen the weak strands but nothing will make that hair curl up again.

If you don’t want to cut off the heat damaged ends right away. Check out these transitioning to natural hair styles that can be worn to hide the straight ends until it reaches a length your comfortable with to cut it.

Have you ever had heat damaged hair? How did you deal with it?





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