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transitioning to natural hair, transitioning, going naturalIf you are transitioning from relaxed to natural hair the first question that normally arises,  what hair styles can I wear? Contrary to popular belief you can wear your hair in other styles besides braids, wigs, or weaves during your transition.

Transitioning from relaxed to natural hair styles you can rock! 

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bantu knots, bantu knot, bantu knot outBantu Knots/Bantu Knot Outs: are great to wear because they blend both textures seamlessly. Wearing Bantu knots overnight and letting them out in the morning creates a roller set style without the heat and rollers!  I wore this style very often throughout my 11 month transition.

flat twists, flat twist outFlat Twists/Flat Twist Outs: are like cornrows but only using two strands of hair instead of three. I love flat twists because they are a great two in one style. You can flat twist your hair into a style or bun and wear it for a week. Then let it out for wonderful waves and wear that style for another week. Great for the transition from relaxed to natural hair because at least you know how you will wear your hair for two weeks out of the month!

braids , braid out, braid outs

Braid Outs: this was probably your first natural hair style as a child. You wore your plaits all week and then on Sunday mom let your wear your hair “out” for church or wash day! Well braid outs have grown up! Plait or cornrow your hair and let it air dry overnight. Have beautiful cascading ripples and waves as your transitioning natural hair style.

roller set, roller sets on natural hair, roller set transitioning

Roller Sets: are the usual rollers, setting lotion, and dryer formula used on relaxed hair. If you want your curls to have more shape and uniformity using a roller set is the way to go. I like to use a no heat flexi rod set that will give you gorgeous spiral curls that should last  up to a week.

No matter what hair style you choose to rock while you transition from relaxed to natural hair make sure you are using the right tools and minimal heat to reduce breakage at the line of demarcation  (where the relaxed hair ends and natural hair begins)

 Are you transitioning? What hairstyles are you wearing?



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