The Huxtables

Dreads are dope. Don’t argue with me.

Well you can argue with me if you’re making the argument that unkempt dreads are one of the most detestable looks in the world because I’d let you win that argument…….but I digress.

I’m currently having an obsession with dreads. This obsession leads me to systematically log in to Tumblr, click on that search box in the type right corner, type in “dreads”, and then click enter. Once that “enter” button is pushed I violate my eyes with an inscrutable amount of dread porn for about thirty minutes until I’m rerouted to some other form of hair porn (afros, bantu knots, etc.).

The other day I was rerouted to the the ‘Lisa Bonet’ tag. Here I spent hours going through old and new pictures of this free spirit’s ever changing style. Of course most of Lisa Bonet’s pictures were screenshots from her performances as Denise Huxtable in The Cosby Show. This only re-routed me into a trip down memory lane as I browsed through loads of Cosby Show gifs and pics. Going down this lane only opened my eyes to see how freaking bomb all of the women in the Cosby show were (still are actually). Don’t get me wrong I always had admiration for the charm that both Lisa Bonet (Denise) and Phylicia Rashad (Claire) executed throughout the show but I’m only now realizing how much…..swagu…. (sorry couldn’t think of anything more fitting)…..that the other ladies on the show have. I mean I guess it’s understandable considering Cliff had such an impeccable choice in sweaters, no?

Anyways here are just some pictures that I’m looking at right now for hair inspiration.

1.) Sondra (Sabrina Le Beauf)


Sondra is the eldest daughter of the Huxtable clan. Sabrina Le Beauf has very loose and wavy curls and during the show her hair was usually worn down.

Sondra 01

(Fun fact: Sabrina and Phylicia are only ten years apart.)

Sondra 02

Once again, very loose curls but pinned up slightly on both sides.

2.) Vanessa (Tempestt Bledsoe)

Vanessa is the third eldest Huxtable daughter. I find it really weird that I’m just now noticing how awesome Tempestt wore her hair. She has become one of my main hair inspirations. Tempestt has a much tighter curl pattern which could be classified in the 4b or 4c area.

In the early episodes you can see that Tempestt hair was actually relaxed…or maybe it was natural but flat ironed you decide……


Then when she got older the hair got bigger.



The curls are pretty loose in those two pics but not as loose as Sondra’s curls. What I love most is her hair cut.

Below her hair is longer. I’ve read arguments about that not being her real hair but who cares, it looks good.


From that episode when Vanessa lied and went to Baltimore and Claire was pissed:


Back to the same hair cut but here it seems longer and it’s obviously combed out to give more of an afro look.



Really though, this hair cut is giving me life.


If you didn’t know Tempestt is still rocking her natural hair.


4.) Claire (Phylicia Rashad)


I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like Claire Huxtable. She’s my favorite tv mom. Now her hair isn’t much of any natural hair inspiration but I always loved Claire’s choice of accessories. She was ever so elegant.


Claire judging you


Claire giving her “Choose your words wisely” face…


….and again


  Because this is a natural hair blog…….


You’re welcome.

5.) Rudy (Keshia Knight Pulliam)

Okay so that episode when the family lip-syncs Ray Charles’  “Night Time is the Right Time” has got to be one of my favorites and that’s mainly because of little Rudy, the youngest of the Huxtable clan. All though Keshia’s all grown up now who can truly forget her as that girl who was lip-syncing “BAAAABYYYYY”?


During those times Keshia might as well have been the model for mini naturalistas. Keshia’s thick hair was mainly in plaits decorated with colorful hair accessories.

Rudy 01

Rudy 02

As she grew up she started wearing her hair out a bit more.


Style 23



Here she is with either braids or twists.


Thanks for being the cutest Rudy(Keshia).


5.) Denise (Lisa Bonet)

I could talk about the awesomeness that is Lisa Bonet for the next year. Seriously, the girl is pure gold. During her time in the Cosby Show, Lisa went through so many different looks. It’s not just her hairstyles that changed but her outfits did too. I can’t tell you if I like her hair or her clothes better. Lisa needs her own post but I’ll try to put as much as I can into this one. Ready?


In earlier seasons Bonet had this straighten hair that she usually styled with half her up and half down and this very 80s swept bang.



She managed to pull off this look too


She pulled off more headbands when she cut her hair




She rocks hats too if you didn’t know


Did I mention she totally rocked the short hair look?


Her hair cut actually reminds me of David Bowie here:


Love the style here:


You can see her cool side cut thing here:


Lisa’s curl pattern is rather loose but not as loose as Sabrina’s……



 and not as tight as Tempestt’s




Y’all remember that one season Lisa was in A Different World?


….and then she came back on The Cosby Show and some time later got dreads


She owned those dreads though…


and even now she’s owning the dreads


Partly shaved gray dreads. WORK!




Have any other hair inspiration from television shows or movies?  Let us know in the comment section below. 



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