On September 22,2012 in the Little 5 Points community of Atlanta,Georgia the first ever natural hair flash mob was performed in order to promote the Fall 2012 ‘Fro Fashion Week season.

Over 15 male and female all natural hair dancers rocked their hair to Chris Brown’s hit Turn up the Music.

The 2 minute dance was greeted with surprise by shoppers and onlookers, some even decided to join in!

” ‘Fro Fashion Week has always been an innovator and bringing something new to the natural hair community” stated Tarin Boone , CEO and creator. ” With the help of my producer Valaria Sa-Ra Smith we were able to pull together a great group of dancers who believe in expressing themselves and their style which is indicative of ‘Fro Fashion Week” said Boone.

The dancers were definitely well received by the crowd who repeatedly shouted encore during the finale.

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