Having natural hair allows your the versatility to wear your hair curly or straight. However this process is very delicate and it leaves many wondering how to get my hair straight without heat damage? Straightening natural hair is possible without heat damage. Please note that all things require moderation and too much heat regardless of proper technique can alter your texture.
I prefer to go to a natural hair salon to get my hair straightened because of the amount of time it takes due to the length and thickness of my hair. I personally straighten my hair once a year for the holidays. You can read this article on my 2010 hair straightening at Curltopia. If  you prefer to straighten your hair yourself please use the following tips.

The first and most important steps is to make sure that you have the right products and tools to straighten your hair. Click here to read what to look for in a flat iron if you are unsure.

Suggested Tools:

    • FHI flat iron
    • FHI hair dryer- I love this dryer as it gets the hair pretty straight even before the flat iron is applied allowing you to use less heat.

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  • Paddle Brush for blow drying the hair
  • rollers if you choose to rollerset instead of blow drying.
Suggest Products:

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flat iron hairHow to get curly hair straight:

Your hair will be facing heat and tension so it is best to follow these steps.

  1. wash
  2. condition
  3. detangle in four sections
  4. deep condition

After your hair has been prepped you need to apply your heat protectant to each section and begin blow drying your hair on low heat.

Begin to flat iron each section in 1 inch pieces.

TIP: never go past 375 degrees when flat ironing your hair. You will fry it!

How to maintain naturally straight hair:

  • Keep a rain bonnet in your purse for any unexpected showers.
  • For a wavy effect braid your hair into six braids at night and let them out in the morning.
  • If you hair is long place your hair in a bun at night or when exercising and place a scarf or sweat band around the edges.
  • When you hair begins to revert never flat iron it again before rewashing.
Check out some of our reader’s straight natural hair styles!
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