Blue Ivy Carter, daughter of music icons Beyonce Knowles and Jay Z is already a natural hair icon. At only 2 years old the little princess has been all around the world, on stage and even had a blue ivy hair, blue ivy hair done, blue ivy hair newpetition started about her “unkempt”  hair.

Whether good or bad Blue Ivy hair is a topic of discussion ALWAYS, on blogs, Instagram, twitter and the like. Many in distaste on the state of how it looks “nappy’. It’s sad that people still feel that negatively over african american hair that is not loose curls. Blue Ivy hair is coarse, coily, corkscrew texture that is not revered by many in the black diaspora.

Many women probably grew up with the bows, braids, barettes, and beads that are commonly associated with black little girls. I personally remember that ” hair box” that you were instructed to get when it was hair day. Blue Ivy is often seen with her hair in its natural state and ONE bow every now and again. This goes against the black girls dress code that many of us grew up with and bucks our societal norms,So many black women feel this is not DONE.

So instead of the negativity that is spread about Blue Ivy hair this gallery is dedicated to her and all the little girls (and big ones) who hair is similar! WE LOVE YOU!

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If you ever wanted to get your natural hair regimen on point but just haven't taken that first step, this challenge is for you!

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