Sunday November 16,2014, Solange Knowles the baby sister of Beyonce Knowles wed video director Alan Ferguson in New Orleans.

Solange Knowles Wedding was EVERYTHING!

This was Solo’s second trip down the aisle but graceful and elegant none the less. I’m sure by now you have seen the pictures flooding your timelines on Instagram and Facebook so you know what I’m talking about! But let’s just pause from the YASSSSINNNG and dive into the fabulousness and effortlessness of the natural hair that was ON POINT!

Solange Knowles

Solange wore a beautiful full afro on her wedding day. No veil, no rhinestones, no clips, or doo dads. Nothing but pure natural hair goodness! Solange broke a lot of “wedding rules” and this was one of them, but she wore that afro like her full crown and glory on the most special day of her life.

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Blue Ivy Carter

Baby Blue wore a beautiful fluffy fro that matched her blushing bride auntie! The two year old  had an angelic halo of fluffy curly with a rhinestone comb barrette on the side.  The hairdo reminded us of Blue’s coif for the 2014 MTV Awards.

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Janelle Monae

Janelle Monae is known for her wild variety of pompadours as her signature hair style while performing. However, the pint size singer wore a beautiful full, coily puff for Solange’s big day as a bridesmaid. The puff was pulled high and tight with little to no effort. Her hair is normally twisted or braided into some intricate style so it was not only easy and effortless but looked simply elegant as well.

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What did you think of the natural hair styles worn at Solange Knowles wedding?  Leave a comment below




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