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It’s been a month since Spring ‘Fro Fashion Week and we have received a letter from Michelle on how her friends and family embraced her new short hair after she returned home to Richmond, VA.

Michelle’s big chop was an impromptu decision. Michelle approached me after the Pajama Spa Party the evening before ‘Fro Fashion Week officially kicked off and stated if I knew of a stylist  that would be willing to cut her hair she was fair game. Immediately my wheels began to spin and I text my stylist, Key Martin.

Key is very adventurous and knowledgeable in caring and styling natural hair so I knew it would be a perfect fit. After configuring the schedule and changing around her workshop we fit the big chop into the flow of the day and it was AMAZING.

Here is what Michelle wrote in:


Reactions To My Big Chop…
I received a lot of positive reactions and some were shocked that I cut my hair.
big chop, short curly hair, My family for the most part liked my hair. They thought it was cute on me; it was different and they loved the natural curls.  Some were shocked, and it may take a little time for the cut to grow on them.  This experience even encouraged my mom to think about going natural.
My co-workers liked my hair. I received so many compliments.  They thought the cut was cute and stylish.  Some said that I had the head for short hair and that my face really stands out now.
My Boyfriend said that my new hairdo looks nice on me.  Hopefully all sisters will follow and cut the chemical relaxer out of their hair.  Natural is the way to go.
As for me, I love my TWA.  Now you can see all of me.  There is nothing to hide behind and my confidence has boosted as a result.  All of the love and support that I received from everyone at Fro Fashion Week was truly a blessing.  You made this a positive and memorable experience for me.  I was on a journey for healthy hair without chemical and heat damage and now the journey has begun.  I have set my hair free to do what it wants to do naturally.
Loving yourself for who you are, and the way you are, is a beautiful thing!
Thank you Tarin and Fro Fashion Week!





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