Jessicurl unveils her brand new product design and website on stage at ‘Fro Fashion Week. This is the first time in their  9 years of business that Jessicurl has changed their brand.

Jessica McGuinty CEO of Jessicurl personally talked to the audience this season at ‘Fro Fashion Week  of her curly hair struggles before the big reveal.

Jess explained to the crowd during the opening morning of the workshops on how she use to find pencils in her hair after school, being called Egghead, and even made her own “du-rag” out of old legless pantyhose.

The big unveiling:

jessicurl new packaging Jessicurl new looks features new bottles and labels as well as a great new logo!

The bottles are now white instead of the emerald green with the vibrant accent colors of purple, orange, and yellow.

Two of the products that were previously in jars in the old packaging are now in bottles: The Deep Conditioning Treatment and Too Shea Extra Moisturizing Conditioner .

The new logo screams confidence with the lady both arms in the air shouting “I have the right to remain curly!”

In addition to the excitement of the new branding Jess gave out temporary tattoos for women to rock throughout the rest of the weekend! How cool is that?

Jess of Jessicurl was the first Naturally Me! Media partner to get the concept of ‘Fro Fashion Week by launching her new website and re branding live! And this is only the beginning of our partnership for the future.


Learn more about Jessicurl and see the awesome new website.



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