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Many women are going natural and searching for information on …

how to transition from relaxed to natural hair?

Here is a crash course on the very first step in having healthy natural hair.

Relaxers are a chemical that breaks down the hydrogen bonds of your hair in order to make it straight.


relaxing the curl pattern until it becomes straight.

The only way to have natural hair is to cut off your relaxed ends.

Wait, wait… wait..

before you click off the page.

No, you don’t have to shave your head bald to go natural.

The fear and roadblocks some women face in going natural are they believe the only way to transition from relaxed to natural hair means they won’t have any hair. This is untrue.

There are three ways to transition from relaxed to natural hair:

  • The Big Chop– You pretty much waste very little time in waiting for your relaxer to grow out before cutting off your relaxed ends. This is typically 0 days ( leaving a nice bald head ) or up to 3 months.
  • Short Term Transition- is from 3- 9 months. You are allowing your relaxed hair to grow out without being retouched
  • Long-term Transition- You are pretty much dedicated to making sure you have a lot of natural hair before chopping off the relaxed ends. This time can last between 9+ months until whenever you have finally had enough 🙂

You can also transition to natural hair without the big chop.

The choice in which you choose how to transition your relaxed to natural hair should be based on your overall skills, patience, and how comfortable you are with your length and looks.

If you find yourself frustrated or needing assistance with natural hair styles and hair care consider visiting a natural hair salon.



If you ever wanted to get your natural hair regimen on point but just haven't taken that first step, this challenge is for you!

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