preparing hair for braids with extensionsLearning the proper way to prep your hair for braids with extensions will keep your hair in good condition while in braids.Braids with extensions are a great way to wear your natural hair when you need a new look  or break. Micro Braids, Box Braids, Tree Braids, Cornrows are just some of many styles you can choose from.

Tools needed:


Since your hair will be in the braids for the next month you want to make sure your scalp and hair are clean.

Begin by cleansing your hair with and scalp with the clarifying shampoo. The shampoo will cleanse away any product build up and residue.

Using a moisturizing conditioner gently detangle your hair from end to roots using the wide tooth comb.  This will remove any tangles from your hair and allow for an easier braiding process.

An optional step here for adding moisture is to sit under a steamer for 15 minutes or give yourself a homemade steam treatment.

Rinse out conditioner with tepid or cool water to seal the cuticle. Finger comb hair to make sure all tangles are out.

Your natural hair is ready to be braided with extensions!