Tarin Boone is the CEO and Founder of Naturally Me! Media, LLC a growing media company created in 2010 that helps minority women discover, accept, and celebrate their natural hair and beauty. Naturally Me! Media was birthed after Tarin graduated college with a B.A. in Public Relations in the middle of an economic downturn and scarce job opportunities. After combining her love for Public Relations and New Media with her passion for natural hair she began to pursue both and created her own profession.

Aside from running the media outlet company portion of Naturally Me! Media, Tarin is also available to large and small brands nationwide for the following opportunities.



After participating in Tarin’s webinar, I learned a plethora of “insider secrets” that I applied to the next event I participated in. Not only did I sell out of almost everything I had, but I’ve had residual sales from many of the event attendees post-event. Not only that, but the month that I implemented her strategies was our biggest selling month to date, and a significant portion of those sales were attributed to the event sales where we applied Tarin’s teachings. I couldn’t be happier or more grateful. The cost for attending her workshop was recouped within the first 30 minutes at the event we attended. Attending her workshop was definitely money well spent.
-Gwen J. Naturalicious

To Book Tarin for Speaking Engagements & Appearance at Events  please contact advertise@naturallymemedia.com


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