Maicurls How did you transition and what was your transition style?

I transitioned for almost a year and would trim a little bit of my ends

Transitioning in 2009
Transitioning in 2009

every month. My transitioning “style” really was no style! I did not know what I was doing during my transition especially at the start so I either had my hair in a bun, ponytail or a wash-n-go. I did not know about blending my two textures together so I was walking around with different textured hair. It wasn’t pretty.

Why did you decide to go natural?

Long story short, I got sick of the whole relaxing process. I was tired of my extremely damaged hair, the scalp burns and hair that would either barely graze my shoulders or just reach a little below before snapping off. I have to admit I was not taking care of my hair and I was also using commercial hair dyes (a lot!) My sister had stopped relaxing her hair before I did and had followed me to relax her hair. When I saw how healthy her hair looked that was it! My last relaxer was around mid-2009 and I transitioned to about mid-2010. After going back natural

I also decided to stop using dyes in 2011 because I did not want to deal with chemicals and touchups on my roots.

• When was your first perm?

I was about 12 when I started doing my own hair (before that my mother and even father would style my fluffy afro). When I started styling my own hair I really started to bug my mother about getting my hair relaxed. I wanted the same kind of hair as my friends. I went to an international school and a lot of my friends were Europeans with “straight flowy hair”. My mum finally gave in when I was 14 because she got sick of me begging for a relaxer.

• What are your hair goals? (short term & long term)

I just want healthy hair and with that comes growth. So I want healthy hair that grows. I also want to grow out my layers.

• What was/is the biggest challenge you face with your hair?

2 years Natural
2 years Natural

Single strand knots!!! They are so annoying! My hair can really shrink up and it is not necessarily the fact that my hair shrinks that bothers me but the way my hair likes to coil up on itself.

Detangling really becomes an issue if I am not diligent with my hair and I can sometimes have

3 single strand knots on one piece of hair! I try to keep my hair stretched whenever I can as thishelps keep them at bay.

• What’s the craziest thing you ever done to you hair? (permed/natural or otherwise)

I am not all that “adventurous” with my hair I like to keep it simple and stick to what I know but

I have made silly mistakes. One of them was to wait way too long to detangle my hair. I kept co-
washing it and not really detangling. The result? Super, no uber super knotty hair. That was not fun! Another mistake was to rinse out a DIY Protein Deep Conditioner which contained eggs with warm water! The result? Boiled egg white bits in my hair! I had to rinse my hair out again a few times to get all the bits of egg out. That was not fun either!

• What are your staple products?

In 2013 I decided to try and incorporate as many natural DIY

long natural hair
3.5 years natural

products into my routine as I could so I have basically been using mostly all DIY products for my hair. My main constant products are Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil and Coconut Oil. Up until recently I have been using Corine DeFarme Conditioner to co-wash, as part of my DIY Deep Conditioner and my DIY Leave-ins. I am now experimenting with TRESemme Naturals Conditioner. I also love water, Rosewater and Flaxseed Gel and glycerins

• What is your advice to women who are considering going natural?

Do it! Go for it but give yourself the time to get to know your hair. Be patient, gentle, don’t stress and don’t give up! At first I expected my hair to miraculously turn into a head full of lovely bouncy curls overnight but learnt in order to grow my hair in a healthy way I needed to nurture, protect, understand and love my hair. Do your research and communicate with others.Blogs, forums, YouTube etc are all full of information. You are not alone you just need to be prepared. Also learn to love YOUR hair…we can sometimes get caught up on how beautiful someone elses hair looks and it is alright to admire someones hair but envy and admiration are two different things. Love your hair no matter what kind of curls you have. I keep on finding out new things about my hair even after all this time of being natural. There are so many innovative and creative people online who are just a click away and I love learning new things with and through them!

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