Ever since her debut into the world people have been clamoring over pictures of Blue Ivy Carter, daughter of Jay Z and Beyonce.  Beyonce being the private person that she is, has kept Baby Blue under wraps (literally) for the past six months.

Now don’t get it twisted we may have only seen Baby Blue Ivy under blankets and scarves but she still has been oh so fly. lol

The only picture the world has seen of beautiful Blue Ivy Carter is from a few weeks after birth that Beyonce released squealing over her pride and joy!

baby blue ivy carter

Now 6 months old little Blue Ivy was caught by paparazzi not covered as her and her mom  spent the day together in New York on July 18, 2012.

blue ivy carter, beyonce braids,
Little Blue Ivy has a head full of soft curls and chubby cheeks!


Of course everyone was clamouring over how adorable she is however I love Beyonce’s bohemian vibe in the pictures! Her waist length blonde box braids pulled into a bun towards the front and cute romper with gold flats looks very BOHO chic!

beyonce box braids, blue ivy carter, blue ivy, beyonce and blue ivy


It’s been since the early 2000’s and Destiny Child days that we have seen Beyonce rock braids. The look is refreshing and definetly an ode to summer.

One question: I wonder how long those braids took to put in?

What do you think of Beyonce and Baby Blue’s do’s?



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