Thank you for your interest in advertising on the site. Naturally Me! is a cutting edge media company within the natural hair niche market that showcases trendsetting women, businesses, products, and hair styles. Naturally Me! Media consists of a youtube channel, blog,mobile app, conference, online community; Curlfriends City, Twitter,and Facebook fan page. Naturally Me! strives to inform, interact, and indulge with its rapidly growing female multiracial audience on hair products, hair care, and styling.

Our advertising model is simple. 

All ads are a flat rate for a 30-day time period. Rates vary, depending on the size of the ad and its placement. Once you submit your ad for placement, I then quickly determine if the ad is suitable for the site, based on several factors like whether or not the value, design, theme and style of the product or service (and its ad) is suitable for the  Naturally Me! Media audience.

One ad option displays at the top of the site above posts, and all other ad options display in the sidebar in varying sizes and placements. All ads are visible on all pages and posts on the site.

Full payment for your approved ad is due before it is displayed and is non-refundable, even if you decide to pull the ad before the end of its 30-day cycle. There is, of course, no charge for any ads that are not approved.

Here are our current numbers:

  • 40,000 unique pageviews per month
  • 500 unique visitors per day
  • 3 Google Page Rank
  • 93 Influenster Score
  • 63 Klout Score
  • 3400+ Youtube Subscribers
  • 9200+ followers on Twitter
  • 6100 + fans on Facebook
  • 920 + followers on Instagram
  • 450+ followers on Pinterest

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

I look forward to working with you!


Ad Options:

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468 x 90 ad



If you or your business are interested in becoming a recurring (automatic payment) based sponsor with Naturally Me! and would like to have your custom ad and your company on a featured post on Naturally Me!, please send an email to

Naturally Me! reserves the right to approve sponsoring sites. Advertising plans are agreed on a month-to-month basis where either party may terminate the relationship on 5 days notice.

If you are interested or would like a formal media kit please send an email to:



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