I had an amazing opportunity to attend Luster’s new product line, You Be Natural Naturalista Beauty Night event here in Atlanta. The line features products for the naturally straight and curly hair. After attending  the event a few weeks ago I had the pleasure to review two of the natural hair products from the line which included:

    • Tangle Me Knot Detangling Shampoo

  • Moisturizing and Softening Conditioner


*Both products are sulfate and paraben free

With a progressing natural hair movement, Luster is entering a new phase of their company and introducing a new product line that targets the natural hair beauty, whether she prefers her hair naturally straight rather than curly or vice versa.

Tangle Me Knot Detangling Shampoo-

What was definitely a “red flag” for me was the smell of the shampoo. I wasn’t enthused but it also was not a determent. I decided to install a protective style so this shampoo came right on time. This shampoo had a good lather and I did have that clean feeling after several lathers but it left my hair feeling stripped and crispy and far from soft. Not good. However, it does suggest for optimal results to follow using the You Be-Natural Deep Moisturizing & Softening Mayonnaise Conditioner, which I did not obtain. Detangling was not a breeze. I had to follow up with my cheapie conditioner to assist.

Moisturizing and Softening Shampoo-

Once again I was not enthused by the smell of the conditioner but it does have a creamy but not to thick texture that I do like. I opted to use the product as a deep conditioner (for protective style purposes) which instructs to sit under a dryer for 10-15 mins after application. My hair did seem a little bit more manageable but again, my hair was left feeling crispy. Softness was no where in sight but the shine was there.


I was not satisfied with both the shampoo and conditioner. These products are priced point between $8-$10 which is pretty reasonable for the ingredients they contain. I will say that even though these two products were “hit and miss” for me it is not a deterrent for me using the remaining product line.

Peace & Blessings,