First up in the Transitioner’s Triumph corner is my very own baby sis Lauren.

After years of perms, color, and flatirons she has decided to take the leap into the natural hair realm like her sister at the tender age of 18. Lauren has had long hair from birth ( doctors had to cut her hair when she was born because it covered her eyes) and she is mentally preparing herself for the possibility of a shorter ‘do when she big chops.

She has not had a perm since August 2009 but recently decided to stop flat ironing her hair through her transitioning process about 3 months ago. Lauren decided to go natural after looking at old pictures of herself as a child which sparked her curiosity and thus started her transition.
Now Lauren’s staple transitioning styles are bantu knot outs and buns that she does once a week.

Big Earrings & Big Hair!

Lauren’s ultimate hair goals include having a head full of healthy and thick natural hair. When discussing the challenges of her transition the obstacles she faces are people’s negative comments, coming up with fresh ideas for hairstyles, and staying away from the wrong products.
Since transitioning is a continual learning process, when asked Lauren states that she is learning the different places she has more than one type of texture (FYI most women will find this common), what hairstyles look best on her. Lauren has also discovered that her hair is an outward expression or extension of herself other than just wearing it straight. And most importantly what all transitioner’s and newbies learn….. PATIENCE!

Naturally ME! (and her big sister Tarin ) salutes Lauren on staying steadfast and continuing her natural journey.
Lauren will check back in with Naturally Me! when she plans to do her Big Chop.
To keep up with Lauren you can find her on Twitter @BooneBoonePow

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