By Guest Blogger: Angela Walker

Though noone’s natural hair journey is the same many of us get Big Chop Syndrome (BCS.) This is the urge to appear more afrocentric than we were prior to going natural. For example, BCS is deciding to finally attend your first poetry slam instead of heading out to the club, after your BC. BCS is deciding to try to go vegan instead of staying with the fulfilling meat diet you’ve had your whole life. BCS is becoming the annoying friend who won’t stop sharing with her friends the joy of going natural. (Actually, that last one I still do on a regular basis and I’ve been natural for 3 years)

I’m a victim of BCS. After getting my Big Chop I bought big hoop earrings, a huge $80 Erykah Badu ankh ring and found myself wearing looser clothing. This was also around the time I went through a phase of trying to master every piece of African American history I could get my hands on. I found myself glued to my laptop for hours googling Marcus Garvey, Angela Davis, The Black Panthers and the like.

BCS is nothing to be ashamed of. The unveiling of our real hair texture allows most of us to see our natural texture for the second time in our lives ( ever since before our first perm ☹ .) This brings about a certain need for us to get in touch with our roots (pun intended). This means ankh rings, seeking out Africa history, and going to poetry slams. So, have you experienced Big Chop Syndrome?

Guest Blogger: I am Angela Walker, a natural hairstylist at Urban Nature Natural HairCare. You can find me on the web at my website run by Natural Hairstylists or on Twitter.