The great thing about this planet and its inhabitants is that there are so many naturally made products that can be used in several different ways. One of these products is honey. Unless you’re a vegan and opt to not use any products made from animals then adding this golden liquid to your hair, skin, or food concoctions will be a decision that you won’t regret.

Honey contains hydrogen peroxide (which is an enzyme) which is  a result of the bees’ work. Although hydrogen peroxide might sound a bit dangerous it actually is the reason why honey is an anti-bacterial substance.

There are many ingredients in honey that are great to be used for the skin, hair,  for the stomach….well actually f0r the whole body as honey is  a great way to soothe a cold or sore throat.

Here are several  DIY recipes with honey as a base ingredient.



According to Janice Cox, author of Natural Beauty at Home, honey is a natural humectant which is just fancy talk to say it’s a  good moisturizer.


1.)  The Golden Hair: For a good hair shine try adding honey to your deep conditioning routine. A few drops of honey in your conditioner or just leaving  a mix of honey and water in your hair for at least ten minutes will add a bit of shine and moisture to your hair.

2.)The Co-Ho Duo: For all you coconut oil lovers or those who need a fixer for damaged hair, this one is for you. [coconut oil. honey.] Take your desired amounts of both ingredients and mix. If you want you can heat the ingredients, kind of like a hot oil treatment. Massage the mix into your hair focusing more so on the damaged areas. Pull it up, wrap it up, or put a cap on it for at least 20 minutes. Rinse and then continue with your shampoo/conditioner method.

3.)The Ol I Need is Honey: [olive oil. honey] Olive oil is also a good natural moisturizer. Put honey and olive oil together and you’ve basically got a natural conditioner.



Honey has natural antioxidants which is good for rejuvenating skin cells to keep your skin looking young and smooth. Thus honey is probably best used on the skin.

1.). The White Honey: [ 1 egg white. 1 tbsp honey] Mix the ingredients together. Rub on face. Leave for 10 minutes. Rinse.  *This is a great toning and skin firming recipe.

2.) The 3 for 1: [honey. olive oil. lemon] If you don’t know olive oil and lemon are great for lightening and moisturizing the skin, add honey to the mix and you’ve hit the jackpot. Mix your desirable amounts of each ingredient together to create a sort of smooth mixture. Spread it over your legs, arms, and/or face and you’ve got a Honey’Olemon skin moisturizer.

3.)The Honey Apples: [1 apple. 2 tbsp honey] After chopping the apples up using a food processor and in the honey. Refrigerate for 10 minutes. Take out and apply to face. Leave on for 15 to 30 minutes and rinse.  *This a great recipe for all skin types in order to get moisture and to tackle pores.



Because it’s naturally made honey is a great healthy sweetener. Although commonly used in teas and as a spread for biscuits here a few more adventurous takes to your everyday use of honey.

1.) Wounds/Burns- if you ever fall and scrape your knee or maybe got a bit too close to a fire and just so happen to have a jar of honey around then take a bit of that honey and spread it over your wound or burn. Honey is a great item to help heal that wound as it contains anti-bacterial properties and is an anti-septic it will reduce swelling.

2.) Low Fat Honey Crepes- although crepes can be eaten for breakfast, let’s be honest and call it a desert. Crepes are ridiculously sweet and oh so yummy to be any bit of healthy. Will try this low fat-honey crepe recipe. Honey replaces sugar but it is still delish.

3.) Fat-Free Honey Granola Bars-if you want a healthy snack but you’re not really in the mood for fruit try making these bars. Using natural ingredients they are great switch from a fruit or vegetable snack as there are no unnatural ingredients. They’re even great for kids. If you don’t like raisins then use nuts or whatever it is you like.

Endia Mathews