The big chop can be very emotional and to some even as a breakthrough. Women go natural for many reasons  but what rarely gets looked at is women doing the big chop as an emotional release. Superficially, we look at it as the woman being emotional because of a lack of hair or self image.

In the below video you get to follow Queen as she shows you an inside look into her journey of Rebirth from cutting off her 4 year old dreadlocks to rocking a  TWA. For women regardless of hair texture our hair is often times a large part of our identity, what defines us, good or bad. Queen refers to her dreadlocks in the video as a part of the “clutter in her life”.Kudos to Queen for bringing a fresh look into another aspect of the Big Chop, when your hair means something larger than looks and more about the reality and state of your life.

Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment below on your thoughts.

Rebirth from Respect My Crown on Vimeo.