Happy Independence Day  ‘Merika! It’s the Fourth of July y’all so that means a hearty serving of delicious and heavenly barbecued burgers, dogs, and just about anything else you can think of. But while all of that mouth watering grub is being grilled exactly what are you planning on doing? Are you celebrating the holiday at a backyard pool party or going for some swimming at the beach perhaps?  If so. you’re probably wondering what to do with that lovely head of curls you have going on there.

You want to have fun and look cute while swimming so you’re strongly considering not wearing that tight swim cap. I mean you probably can’t fit all of your hair into it anyways and besides swim caps don’t actually keep all the water out. So what are you going to do? Just jump in the pool with no kind of hair protection right? Wrong.

Swimming With Natural Hair

I understand, swim caps are ugly and quite irritating to wear. Yet that doesn’t mean you should go swimming without putting some tender love and care on your hair. Here are some tips for protecting your  natural hair when you’re ready to dive into the pool this holiday or any day in this summer.

Swimming With Natural Hair

1.)    WET FIRST. DIVE LATER. Wet your hair ladies. When you wet your hair all the water absorbs into the strands leaving less room for all that chlorine and other harming chemicals to absorb into your hair.

2.)    MOISTURE & CONDITION.  Pretty simple.  After wetting your hair make sure to put some type of sealing oil and a conditioner.  I prefer coconut oil because it has properties that are known for strengthening the hair shaft and it absorbs really well into the hair.

3.)    PUT THAT HAIR UP!  For those who are anti-swim caps you still can’t just keep your hair out. You should either braid or plait your hair real quickly or if it is long enough, pull it up into a puff or a bun. Having your hair all together in one of these styles will help limit the amount of water, thus chlorine, that comes in contact with your hair. Plus it also prevents your hair from getting matted or tangled…..and we all know how hard detangling can be.

4.)    RINSE IT BEFORE YOU GO ON. So you’re done swimming and that hotdog is calling your name. It can wait. It’s very important that after rinse your hair right after you’re finished swimming.  Once you rinse you should at least put a conditioner in your hair to restore the moisture. Some people shampoo and conditioner but depending on your time limit (or how bad you want that hotdog) you might not be able to do a whole wash routine so it’s best to at least co-wash.

5.)    LAST BUT NOT LEAST. When you’re finally done with your activities and you feel it is necessary go ahead and deep condition your hair and seal it with an oil. Some people may feel that a deep conditioner isn’t necessary; once again you know your hair best.  As long as your hair is moisturized and free from all those harsh chemicals you should be good.

I hope you have fun celebrating the holiday and if you’re not very patriotic hopefully these tips will still be of some use the next time you go for a swim.  What tricks do you use for swimming? Share them in the comment section below.

Endia Mathews