Short natural hair styles are  low maintenance but not devoid of high style! You can rock short natural hair styles if you are just beginning your journey after the big chop or decided you wanted a new look. What many naturals or people thinking of going natural forget is just because your hair is short does not mean you can’t do the same styles that medium to long natural hair can do.

Don’t get boxed in with your styling options just because you have short natural hair. Here are some great short natural hair styles to choose from. Whether you like color, braids, or curls I’m sure this will give you some great inspiration.

TWA’s or Teeny weeny afros never looked so good.

Short Natural Hair Styles: (click the link below for step by step guide)

  1. Flexi Rod Sets
  2. Flat Twists
  3. Comb Coils
  4. Two Strand Twists
  5. Frohawk
  6. Straw Sets
  7. Bantu Knot Out



What do you think of these short natural hair styles? Discuss below