Steam Hydration Therapy is simply put a deep conditioning style treatment involving a deep conditioner and steam.

The steam opens hair cuticles to allow for deeper penetration of the water vapor as well as the deep conditioner.

A hair steamer is like a hair dryer only instead of dry hot air blowing on the hair, steam blows on the hair.

Steam hydration is not new to the hair industry as a whole.

It has been used over the past few decades for color processing.

However, it has made a insurgence in the black community partly due to portable hair steamers popping on to the marketplace in 2009 and 2010.

Steam Hydration aka hair steaming is typically done in salons for a nominal fee ranging from $15-$25.

Benefits of Steam Hydration Therapy

If you have constant problems with dry hair, your hair’s moisture retention is low and steaming your hair regularly once a week or twice a month can greatly improve your hair’s softness, manageability, and moisture level.

Steaming is great for natuaralistas with dreadlocks as well. Other benefits include:

  • increased circulation in scalp leading to better hair growth
  • cleanses scalp, removing dirt and dead skin
  • brings moisture to your roots and hair shaft
  • leaves your hair soft and smooth
  • great for people who suffer with dandruff
  • stops dryness and hair breakage
  • makes hair stronger and healthier
  • improves hair color treatments
  • can also act as a facial steamer

benefits of steam hydration treatments

Steam Hydration benefits for color treated hair is now a priority in my natural hair regimen.

I go to my stylist and she processes my color while I sit under the steamer.

I have not had any problems with breakage or extreme dryness since adding permanent color to my hair twice in one year.

My stylist has now recommended I begin steaming my hair regularly at home in between visits, at least once a month.

Which Hair Steamer to Use?

If you have thick and/or long hair I recommend a rolling salon style steamer.

Portable table top steamers tend to not steam the entire head. With a salon size steamer your whole head gets the proper treatment for less money then a table top steamer.

To store the steamer simply lower it and roll it into a spare closet or storage area in your home.

For Shorter Hair or More Convenient Storage

If you don’t have the space to store a large style steamer like the one above or you have shorter hair, a table top hair steamer can work for you.

If your hair is longer I recommend piling your hair into a loose bun to make sure the ends get steamed as well.

The Q- Redew hair steamer is a handheld steamer that can be used to refresh your curls and for even easier storage.

This is a great steamer because you can really get to your scalp with the prongs.

If hair steamers are not in your budget try doing an inexpensive hair steam treatment at home.