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Basic Hair Care Carbon Scalp Treatment

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1  Carbon Tea Tree Shampoo (8 oz)
1  Carbon Tea Tree Deep Conditioner (8 oz)
1 Carbon Tea Tree Pomade (4 oz)

What it is: Formulated to address the chief causes of dry, itchy, scaly scalp conditions, the Carbon Scalp Treatment features star ingredient Carbon, or activated charcoal. Renown for its detoxification properties, activated charcoal is traps impurities, toxins and residue without stripping or harming the skin or hair. The Carbon Scalp System consists of three products, Carbon Tea Tree Shampoo, Tea Tree Deep Conditioner and Carbon Tea Tree Pomade.

What it does: Environmental and internal pollutants create unhealthy skin and scalp conditions for many. Irritated scalps can arise from medical conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, improperly cared-for braids and extensions, yeast or fungal growth, dry weather conditions, poor diet or dehydration, washing hair with hard water, allergic reactions to haircare products, hormonal changes and overproduction of sebum. and infrequent washing. The BASIC Carbon Scalp Treatment pairs detoxifying carbon with a host of antiseptic and moisturizing ingredients to address these concerns through the three products of the system.