Poetisa’s Palette


Of the Earth Hair Moisturizer– This moisturizer worked well. However, I didn’t like the smell (reminded me of mayonnaise literally makes me sick). The product has Amla  in it which might be the source of the smell.On a good note the smell did not linger so I was able to get through the initial phase. The product was used on wet hair and combed through in sections. Where I had curl definition it did make the curls pop due to the first ingredient being Aloe Vera gel. After the full application I flat twisted my hair into an up do which and used the product to also slick down the sides.

Massage Candle- I love double duty products and this candle is just that! I have the coconut scent which smells heavenly and you can burn the candle and allow the oil to melt, blow the candle out and massage it into your body or a partner’s! The candle is mango butter based and gives your skin a nice smooth glow.

Sundy Morning Body Butter- This body butter is very rich and moisturizing as it uses Cupuacu butter as its base instead of traditional Shea butter. The butter really moisturized and penetrated my rough patches of skin on my elbows, knees, and feet. This product was great after I used the Mocha Latte Foaming Scrub which exfoliated those rough patches before use. I didn’t really care for the scent but it didn’t linger so that was a plus.

Mocha Latte Foaming Coffee Scrub- This scrub smelled like chocolate and coffee, which are great combos. This scrub really did the trick as far as exfoliating because of the ground coffee beans.  I loved that the scrub foamed as well, something you don’t normally get out of regular sugar or salt scrubs.It made my knees, elbows, and feet really soft and smooth even before applying the Sundy Morning Body Butter.