The first “SMOOTH” Styling Pomade!!! Promotes growth. Smoothed and holds edges. Softens and shines. Controls tapered cuts
Hicks Total TRANSFORMATIONS, Hicks Edges holds hair firmly in place with a super shine and without flakiness. Leaves edges looking and feeling shinier and healthier than before. This genuine hair gel is non-flaky and non-sticky and rinses out easily. Control tapered cuts and nape back area. Directions: Apply a small amount of TRANSFORMATIONS Smooth Edges around edges and smooth with fingertips until hair stays in place or comb in smooth with a comb.


I bought the Edges at the World Natural Hair Show in Atlanta this past April. I was very skeptical to see if it would  lay down “my beast” ( my nickname for my hair 🙂 )

and old twistout that i wanted to lay down in the front

This was an almost week old twist out.  I began to apply the clear pomade to the edges. I apply with a rat tail comb then combed the pomade through.


Great! there was no flakes and the hold lasted all day! which i wasn’t expecting. It made my hair very silky and shiny and my never been seen waves. Definitely great for pulled backed styles and puffs!

same twist out but with edges applied

Here is a pic of a pulled back style I used the edges on for an interview hair style. ( will do a post on later)

this was an old twistout pulled back into a clip with Edges to smooth the top portion down

2 thumbs up!