Hot pink lips are a fun trend to try out all year round. They’re fun and punchy for the summer months and they also do well to brighten up your fall/winter looks. Making this look work, however, isn’t without its ups and downs. As with any bright color, perfecting the hot pink lip does involve some preparation and know-how. Take a look at the following tips for how to make hot pink lipstick work for you.


Prime Your Lips

Bright colors can potentially bring out and exaggerate any flaws if your lips are dry and chapped. Avoid this by making sure your lips are perfectly prepped before applying your hot pink hue. Exfoliate your lips with a scrub or warm washcloth and condition with Motives Lip Lock prior to applying lipstick.

Choose the Right Color

Picking the right hot pink lipstick to suit your skin tone is one of the most important steps in pulling off this look. As a general rule, those with warmer complexions should go for a cooler toned lipstick and vice versa. My personal faves is Motives Rich Formula in Hot Summer Nights , Magenta, and Beso!hot pink, hot pink lipstick, pink lipstick, hot pink lipstick on black woman

Build It Up

While you may be tempted to apply your entire color in one quick slick, gradually building up color is a smarter option. It’ll ensure a greater depth of color as well as creating a longer lasting application.

Use a Brush

When applying your lipstick, build up color gradually by using a lip brush. A lip brush will ensure you apply color to all those tricky corners and help create a more even finish. Try Motives Retractable Lip and Eye Brush.

pink lips

Keep it Simple

The key to making hot pink lips work is to keep the rest of your makeup fairly simple. Such bright lip colors command enough attention as it is, so work a minimal look when it comes to the rest of your makeup. Keep the eyes fairly basic and bare during the day, and add some eyeliner and lashings of mascara at night.

What is your Favorite Hot Pink lipstick?