For those of you who are currently transitioning from relaxed to natural hair here’s probably one of the best tips that you’ll definitely need on your journey. This a tip that I wish I knew when I started my journey because it really did cause me a lot of problems and stress.

The tip?


It’s that simple but it’s something that I didn’t do. For starters I didn’t even know why my hair would knot up in the shower.  I didn’t take my time when washing my hair. I washed my hair as if it was still relaxed-meaning I basically just threw some shampoo and conditioner on my hair and through my hands in any kind of way. This eventually created a lot of knots. I didn’t know that  the blending of the my relaxed hair texture with my newly grown 4B/4C hair texture just didn’t mix well at all. My hair never knotted before so when it happened my not so brilliant idea to fix the problem was just to comb my hair as if there were no knots at all…….BIG MISTAKE.

Not taking my time to comb my hair resulted in me losing hair. So I eventually just cut all my hair.

For those who want to transition longer, take my advice and TAKE YOUR TIME DETANGLING KNOTS.

Some Tips:

  • WATER IS YOUR FRIEND: Try not to detangle on dry hair. This is one reason why I lost a lot of hair. Natural hair loves water and thus it is best you do all of your detangling on wet hair because it’s easier and healthier for your hair.
  • CONDITIONER: There are a lot conditioners that specialize in detangling. Conditioners are good for slippage and makes getting rid of knots a lot easier. Make sure you evenly coat your hair in conditioner.
  • SEPARATE INTO SECTIONS: Depending on your hair length you might not be able to do this, but if you are I highly suggest separating your hair into sections because it allows you to put a lot of focus into almost every hair strand making it easier for you to spot smaller knots.
  • USE A WIDE TOOTH COMB. Wide tooth combs work best with natural hair. Using smaller combs increases the chance for breakage.
  • HOW TO DETANGLE: So here’s the good stuff. When actually detangling I suggest starting off with using your fingers first.You’ll be able to feel where the knots are better than by using a comb. Once you’ve done all you can with your fingers proceed with your wide tooth comb. With one hand hold the section and VERY CAREFULLY try to remove the knot. Try to comb from the end of the section than from the top.
  • THE PREVENTION: Here’s the #1 tip that could have prevented all my knots and tangles. WASH IN A DOWNWARD POSITION. No this doesn’t mean you have to be in a downward position but that your hair should not be piled at the top your hair. You hair should be straight down and you should put all products and water on your hair going in a downward motion: FROM ROOT TO TIP.

I hope these pointers help you in your journey. Be sure to leave comments below.

Endia Mathews