This has truly been a dream come true. I never imagined back in September that this would have happened the way that it happened. God brought so many influential people into my life to help catapult ‘Fro Fashion Week the way it did.

By NO means was planning or executing this event easy. I have been through a lot but it was all worth it. I can truly say ‘Fro Fashion Week is my first child. I went through all the morning sickness, un comfort, and labor pains but when it was birthed last Friday it made all of those things disappear. My child has been born and I will work hard every day to raise it and watch it grow.

Thank you to all sponsors, volunteers, attendees, exhibitors, models, Valaria Smith, Key Martin, staff, my family, and most importantly my Fiancee who was there throughout all of my craziness 🙂

Please enjoy !


Spring 2011  ‘Fro Fashion Week Photos