This phase of the natural journey for some is paved with a lot of emotions, anxiety, learning, and sometimes stress.
…Stress over what the next style is going to be, how to take care of both the relaxed and natural hair,with the cherry on top of ” What do people think of my hair?”

But all in all nothing beats the free feeling when it comes down to the Big Chop day.

Now…. don’t get me wrong.. BC day is wrapped up in a tumbleweed emotions in and of itself but after the adrenaline stops pumping, maybe some tears wiped away, the shock feeling subsides… all your left with is purely you looking back in the mirror. Your no longer the girl with the long hair, the $200 weave, or any other thing the media has told you defines black beauty.

Even though this part of the journey is hard at times be sure to stop and smell the roses and remember the bigger goal at hand. What got me through those rough times was ” if I love my hair it will love me back!” So don’t bad mouth your hair, or curse it, pull or yank it, it deserves only tender loving care.

And since this week is dedicated to the infamous transition I hope to make the journey smoother.

Happy Styling!

Cornrow braid out 6 months into my transition