I recently start styling my locks more often ( I dont just want to be the girl with long hair) Also be a fashion designer I love a polished head to toe look. I have attach different pics not sure which will work best.

My latest fav is a three bunhawk. I got the idea from (youtube) this video gives you a play by play.
Starting from front to back place locs into three ponytails leaving some hair loose in the back. Once in a ponytail, place band close to the ends of hair (or where shortest hair end). Once all hair in ponytail together twist to form bun (tuck short locs and hair ends in bun for clean look) Use bobby pins to secure and repeat to two other ponytail. Add feathers, shells, or etc. for your own personal touch.

The bow is achieved by placing your locs in a ponytail (side or centered). Divide locs into two section then from each of those sections take 5 locs. These 10 locs should be all about the same length, then braid or tie so this middle section will stay out the way. Take one section place band close to the ends of hair (or where shortest hair end). Remove two locs and fold the rest of the hair in on to itself. When you have desired shape wrap the two remaining locs to secure at base. Repeat at on other side. Pull middle section forward, using 2 bobby pins horizontally flip the hair towards back. Making sure the middle locs cover the base where the other two section meet. Then tuck and pin remaining hair into the back base of the ponytail.

For people who love curly locs try After a re-twist I use a setting lotions then place 1-2 locs on a loc loops. I leave mine in over night and it form really cute curls.

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