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It’s time to get knotted up! Yes, the only time you will ever hear me raving about having knots in my hair will be when “bantu” comes right before it. There are various hairstyles that naturalistas can try in order to achieve a good curled look. My personal favorite is the using the bantu knot out. (If you don’t really know what a bantu knots is just think of Jada Pinkett-Smith as Niobe in the Matrix.) Unlike a twist out or braid out, the bantu knot out provides for a much tighter curl which gives off a heatless curled look whereas the twist out or braid out looks more like loose waves. If you want a style that stretches the hair then the bantu knot out is not for you, but if you want a tighter curl definition without the heat then the bantu knot out is highly recommended.

Bantu knot out

In order to achieve the bantu knot out you first have to create bantu knots. You do this by sectioning off your hair how you desire it. Then you take a section and twist/wrap it continuously around into a knot. That’s the great thing about the bantu knot, you don’t need any other items other than moisturizer(which you should be using daily anyway) to achieve a beautiful head of curls.

Beautiful bantu knots


Note* In order to keep the knot from coming loose make sure you keep a finger in the spot that you want the knot in order to keep it stable. If your knots still come loose pinning them down will do just the trick.

bantu knots

Like twists, bantu knots can be worn for as long as you want them to. The longer you leave the knot in the tighter your curl. If done on wet hair it is recommended to keep the knots in for at least 8 hours so that they can dry. Bantu knots take a much longer time to dry compared to twist outs and braid outs, but depending on your hair this can vary.  Once you do decide to take the knots out just untwist them using your fingers and if separating the twist start from the ends to the top to avoid tangling.



Here are some pictures of beautiful girls with beautiful bantu knots and bantu knot outs.

 Bantu knot

Bantu knots that rock!b and good color to boot!

Bantu knot out...gorgeous!

         instagram: @sassynae

Bantu knot out

 Pintrest: D for FreshDimez

bantu knots dream

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