Natural Hair Updo with Kankelon Hair

Who doesn’t like a chic natural hair updo with kankelon hair? They range from simple to intricate. We’ve picked 9 ultra FAB natural hair updo with kankelon styles for you to gaze and admire. Feel free to save them , recreate yourself, or give to your natural hair stylist.

Kankelon hair is wonderful because it is cheap! I’ve been known to catch some as low as .99 a pack!  I always keep some on hand in case I want a new look for my natural hair that’s quick and cheap. I love the volume Kankelon hair adds to natural hair and the style can last up to 1-2 weeks.


In order to achieve this natural hair updo with kankelon hair


Let me know in the comments which natural hair updo with kankelon hair is your favorite!

sources:, facebook, pinterest, tumblr



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