Well for those of you who aren’t aware it’s most definitely summer time- the sun is shining, the birds are singing-all that jazz. Because of the beautiful weather many couples choose to have their wedding during this lovely season. I’ve heard many women talk about how there is a lack of natural hair brides in magazines and they lack hair styling ideas for such an occasion. Thus I have composed a few inspirational pictures for the soon to be bride or for those of you who are attending a wedding sometime soon–or maybe you’re just like me and love to look at wedding pictures, regardless of your reasons you’re sure to love some of these lovely hairstyles.

Pull it All Up

Are you a bride that wants all the focus on your gorgeous dress or maybe even your equally gorgeous face? Well don’t fret there are plenty of beautiful updos for your wedding day.


I love this style because of the very enchanting feel that it gives off. Depending on your hair type you may be able to pull of this look by first curling your hair (I suggest perm rods) and separating the curls and pinning it up to give it a somewhat “messy” look.  I’ve found similar hair pins on Amazon for those who are as in love with the ones in the photo as I am.

           (click on picture to be taken to Amazon) 


Natural Bride


This is an updo I’ve seen on many brides. It’s an absolutely elegant take on the pompadour style. I believe the side braids really help add a sense of royalty and elegance.

Precious Henshaw's Blog

This picture was fond on Precious Henshaw’s blog (http://www.precioushenshaw.com).  To achieve this look you’d have to curl your hair and then pin it all to one side. If you’d like to you can also braid one side and let your beautiful curls fall on the opposite side.


Let It All Down BUT Don’t Forget the Headband

Usually a bride chooses to leave her hair down when her dress is less detailed and much simpler. That doesn’t always have to be the case though, maybe you just want your hair down. That’s cool too, here are a couple of inspirational pictures for such a style .

thegirlwithcurlz: Natural Hair Weddings


This beauty kept her hair big and beautiful. Quite a simple look to achieve, just let it loose. To keep it elegant for a wedding add a lovely hair piece.


This beauty seems to have a twist out but it’s also possible to get this look with curl rods.  The finisishing touch is that gorgeous head band.  I found a similar headband on Amazon (click on the picture)

So much style.

I love everything about this picture. There is a very warm presence that executes from this photo…on to the hair. It seems this look can be achieved with bantu knots or maybe a rollers set using larger rollers. No headband  for this one though……but if you can always add one if you want.

Styling by November Lily, floral head band design by the Urban Blossom

For our ladies with shorter hair headbands will definitely help add a little bit more glam to your already glamorous look.  You girls definitely have it easier but then again there are so many headbands to choose from….that’s quite a tough decision. This headband was designed by The Urban Blossom but there are many sellers of floral headbands (or you can DIY) the Etsy seller Blush Romance has great pieces. http://www.etsy.com/shop/BlushRomance?ref=seller_info


Braids and Locs

I didn’t for get about you lovelies with braids or locs here are some ideas to get you started as well.


This is a pretty intricate design. There seems to be a couple of looped twists going on at the front that come together to create a beautiful side bun. It is finished with a lovely hair clip.


Lastly this a gorgeous look taken from A Monique Affair (www.amoniqueaffair.com). This can actually be achieved for those without braids or locs as well. Just simply curl the hair and pull it into a low side ponytail but be sure to leave a swept bang at the front.



I hope these pictures gave you girls some ideas for your wedding or for a friends or family member’s wedding day.  For more inspiration be sure to check out http://www.munaluchibridal.com which is a bridal magazine dedicated to women of color.  Plus don’t forget to share any of your natural bridal hair styles with us.

Endia Mathews