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The wash and go natural hair style is the first one many think of when going natural. I like the look of a wash and go but mine rarely last past 2 days; usually becoming a humongous blob of hair! I did this video on the fly instead of rewashing my natural hair and going through the whole process all over.

The result was actually nice! Watch the video and let me know what you think!

Moptop Hair Care Products Used for Wash and  Go:

  1. Clarifying Rescue Treatment  $9.99
  2. Gentle Shampoo $10.99
  3. Daily Conditioner    $11.99
  4. Leave In Conditioner    $14.99
  5. Curly Hair Custard     $14.99

Products Used for Revamp Hair Style:

  1. Moptop Hair care Medium Hold Gel $14.99
  2. Perm Rods
  3. Water Spray Bottle
  4. Basic Herbaceous Oil $12


What do you think? Are you Revamping your Wash and Go? Let me know Below!

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