Who doesn’t love a big, beautiful, round afro?! Popularized in the late ’60s, the afro was one of the main symbols of black pride during the African-American Civil Rights Movement. During the movement, the afro was considered a very radical hairstyle as many blacks relaxed their hair to maintain a straight hair look. Nowadays we have the “natural hair movement” and all though there are many other styles the afro hairstyle is definitely still a great style to rock. I personally feel that it is a great hairstyle for the summer weather.

Here are a couple of inspirational pictures for those of you wanting to rock a big round cloud of hair on your head.


The Afro Puff


Short ‘Fro

Singer Marsha Hunt Afro

Singer Marsha Hunt

Afro Side Updo

Afro Side Updo

Nina Simone’s Shorter Fro

Nina Simone’s Shorter Fro

Esperanza Spalding’s Large ‘Fro

and of course Angela Davis

Products to achieve the Afro:

Afro Hair Pick & Comb

Hair Scarf (optional in order to have flatten front)



If you ever wanted to get your natural hair regimen on point but just haven't taken that first step, this challenge is for you!

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Endia Mathews