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Natural Hair Styles: Tapered TWA

The tapered TWA ( teeny weeny afro) is often a lust worthy natural hair style many see on Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr. The tapered TWA is a perfect natural hair style for summer, a new look, after you big chop ,or even your second (or third) big chop! A tapered twa is a short natural hair style that is often little to no hair left on the sides and back, with much of the length maintained in the crown and front area of the head.

The tapered twa can be a little more high maintenance than just growing your regular twa due to having to maintain the cut to keep the shape as your hair grows out. If you are just transitioning to natural hair and dreading that you will just have a short little afro, this hair style is the cure for those woes. This hairstyle is full of style and can be done on as little as 1-2 inches of hair or longer. The below pictures show tapered twa’s at many lengths.

Here are a few AMAZING tapered TWA haircuts from around the web and our curlfriends for inspiration on your next style!





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