Design Essentials® Master Educator Deshonica Kerrie shares a step-by-step technique to acheive a bantu knot frohawk on short natural hair using Design Essential products.

This chic style is perfect for the summer months, adding spice to your short natural hair , or if you just want something funky! This styles was done on a old twist out which is perfect if you are in the middle of the week and don’t have time to re wash and style your hair.

Hawk Collage

 Step By Step:

Deshonica on Rocking Out with a Bantu Knot Frohawk- An easy way to refresh a twist-out.

  1. Apply Design Essentials® Natural Daily Moisturizing Lotion as a moisturizer first
  2. Part hair into big chunks and two-strand twist hair
  3. Then add Design Essentials® Natural Twist & Set Setting Lotion and create bantu knots (apply bantu knots only on both sides of the head)
  4. Gather the hair in the middle and draw the hair up using a soft brush to create the frohawk
  5. Secure hair with bobby pins and crisscross them for a tighter hold
  6. Use a comb to create volume in the fro and make sure to tease the hair in one direction to avoid tangling.

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