In honor of back to school season it’s only necessary to put a little focus on the kids. There may be many misconceptions that caring for your kids hair greatly differs from caring from adult hair. Not really. Hair is hair. Most likely you can use the same products that you use or your natural hair that you use on your kids natural hair.

Where should you make adjustments?

Well it’s important to remember that kids bodies are still growing and developing. This means that their scalp is more sensitive to the scalp of an adult. That’s why their are relaxers strictly for kids and relaxers strictly for adults. Well in the natural hair world their are also products for kids and products for adults but this doesn’t mean you can’t use adult products on kids hair. Because the products are all from the earth, meaning no chemicals, a child’s body will be able to tolerate it. For example, their aren’t special raw fruits and vegetables targeted towards kids, however you may give your kid a smaller portion of fruit and vegetables. That’s the same when it comes to hair products for your kids. Oiling your child’s scalp with jojoba oil, olive oil etc like you do your own hair won’t damage your child’s hair but you should consider on not putting as much oil on the scalp. Basically the difference between caring for your child’s hair and your own hair is that you have to be a bit more gentle with your child. Below are some more quick tips to use on your child’s hair (and even your own).

  • Keep the scalp clear of ALL harmful products such as sulfates and petroleum based products.
  • Moisturize daily. Good oils to use include jojoba, coconut, avocado, and olive oil. Be sure not to clog up scalp with too much oils or other moisturizing products.
  • Be gentle with the combing, brushing, detangling etc. You wouldn’t want your hair dresser to pull on your hair vigorously would you? So don’t do it to your little one. Most children generally have a lower tolerance for pain than adults and so does their scalp, too much pressure on the scalp will result in breakage. Try to detangle on wet hair (put in a conditioner for extra slippage) using a wide-tooth comb to make detangling easier for you and less painful to your child.
  • Involve your child in the hair routine. Getting your kid involved in their hair routine will not only allow for some bonding time but it will help educate your child about maintaing healthy hair.

Essential Natural Hair Care Products for Kids

    SheaMoisture Mango & Carrot Kids Extra-Nourishing Shampoo - 8 fl oz

 A shampoo and conditioner without sulfates is essential in caring for your child’s hair. Some options include Cara B Naturally which is an organic natural hair care line targeted specifically towards kids and the Shea Moisture line also has some products for kids as well. There products are paraben and sulfate free which is good for natural hair.

A wide tooth comb is highly necessary when it comes to detangling,

A Denman Brush will be handy when styling your child’s hair.

Product Image

Oils are good for sealing in moisture. I highly recommend using avocado oil.

Yes, even your child needs to sleep in a satin bonnet or pillow case to keep in moisture and prevent breakage.

Actually, you may have noticed that most of these products and tips are similar to adult hair care. As mentioned before the only major difference in caring for kids hair than adult hair is that you must be more gentle as they are more sensitive.

Let us know how you care for your child’s hair in the comment section below.


Endia Mathews