412277_10150869804277286_420440100_oHow did you transition and what was your transition style?

I transitioned for about three months and I did a lot twists and deep conditioning treatments.  My style was the twist out and flexi rods were my friend. I decided to do the big chop so I could start with something fresh and easy!

Why did you decide to go natural?

I was sick of not having any life in my hair and spending 100 dollars a pop to perm it. My hair was never as healthy as I wanted it to be so I got on YouTube and saw videos on Natural Hair and I was hooked. And plus it would be weird to perm my hair and tell my daughter to stay natural.

When was your first perm?

I believe I was 8 or 9. My mom permed it for a pageant. I was a tomboy and I didn’t really cared what really happened to my hair.

What are your hair goals? (short term & long term)

Short term: is to be able to do more styles. Long term: To have the biggest fro in world.

What was/is the biggest challenge you face with your hair?

Detangling is the worst and it is something I absolutely hate doing.

What’s the craziest thing you ever done to you hair? (permed/natural or otherwise)169343_10151155484407286_159495068_o

I had bright pink hair in college. Thank God no one took pictures or wanted to take picture of that.

What are your staple products?

Aunt Jackie’s products, Aussie’s 3 Minute Miracle, WonderCurl products and Shea Moisture for washing and conditioning my hair.

What is your advice to women who are considering going natural?

Do it for you and don’t worry about what others would think. If you have a guy or family members who have an opinion about it, remind them that it is your hair not theirs. Also don’t think paying 40 dollars for product can give you the best head of hair out there sometimes the cheaper products work just as well, if not better.