Mini Two Strand Twists

Mini two strand twists are perfect for protective styling. You can do mini twists on your own natural hair (regardless of length) or with added synthetic hair.

1.QUEEN OF Mini Two Strand Twists

What y’all know about KinkyKurlyQueen? she is *in my opinion* the queen of mini twists! I remember seeing her on fotki with these beautiful twists and wanted some on my hair soooo bad. Here she is demonstrating on how she does her super small mini twists.

2. Mini Two Strand Twists on Tapered Twa

Ask proy demonstrates how to rock mini twists on short natural hair.

3. 6 ways to Style your Mini Twists

I’m sure if you plan on keeping in your mini twists for the 3-4 weeks people usually do then you might want to switch up the styles pretty often. Here are 6 pretty hairstyles  you can try this week!

4. Tie down those Mini Twists at night!

Keep your mini twists from shrinking every night by using this method to tie down your mini twists every night.

5. Curls in your Mini Twists

missing your curls while wearing mini twists? Check out this video to get curls in your mini twists to add some volume!


Click Here For Products to use for Mini Two Strand Twists

  • Rat tail comb
  • Duck bill clips
  • Leave in Conditioner
  • Shea Butter