I am on the quest to dye my hair blue-black. I want to go the natural route but I am scared of henna type dyes because of my long thick hair! I have seen and heard stories of women who have had to wash their hair hour and hours, sometimes days on end having still found henna in their hair. And these women had a lot less hair then me.

After researching I have found that for the best results you should henna your hair first then add the indigo in a separate treatment. There are so many factors to consider when using indigo like pH balance, your hair’s porosity,fade resistance, the stain factor.. etc. My mind is whizzing just thinking about it!

However, I think I have found a product that will make my fears subside from mehandi.com.


These kits are sifted very finely in order to be easily rinsed out of our kinks, curls, coils, and waves.

I will be using the Black kit which includes:

Ancient Sunrise® Henna for African Hair Kit: Black contains 100g Ancient Sunrise® laboratory certified henna for African hair, 100g indigo, 2 nitrile gloves, a piping bag and instructions.  Dye your hair first with henna, wash that out,  and then dye over that with indigo to make your hair  BLACK as a black cat. This is what Gwyn used in the photograph above. One bundle will dye hair about 3″ long when pulled out straight. Order more bundles for longer hair to stock up.  For only $15

I’m very excited that I will possibly me getting the color I want, naturally, and with less clumps of henna and indigo in my hair.

Due to the thickness and length of my hair I will be purchasing 3 kits.

I will definitely keep you posted on the process and outcome.

Please leave me comments on tips for getting the best results with henna and/or indigo.