natural-hair-dreadlocksDeciding to join the dreadlock journey is a major decision. It is imperative that you know how to make Dreadlocks faster to ensure success. There are several ways to start your dreadlocks and each method depends on your hair texture, time, and scheduled maintenance.

Methods to make dreadlocks:

Free-form: this style to start dreadlocks is most associated with Rastafarians and other religious sects. To form free-form dreadlocks you simply let the buds form randomly and as the locks grow they will maintain whatever size, shape, thickness that they lock into.

Comb Coils: this is the simplest form of starting dreadlocks. These are single strand twists that are coiled in one direction with a styling aid and clips. This method of dreadlocking only works for highly textured hair that can maintain the coil.

Two strand Twists: The double strand twist method for locking hair is less delicate than comb coils. They allow the hair to mesh and interlock within the twist and as they get older begin to resemble dreadlocks before many other methods. It has been reported that twists lock faster and smoother than other methods.

Palm rolling: uses a styling aid on sectioned damp hair. The hair is then rolled back and forth between your palms. Once the hair has produced a cylindrical lock you place a clip on the root and allow to dry. Palm rolling is a very popular method that is used to compress and tighten knots along the dreadlock.

Latching: This method of starting dreadlocks uses a special latch hook tool that  grabs the new growth and pulls the hair throughout  the dreadlock. This method interlocks the hair within each other in a particular pattern. This method allows your lock to get the closest to the root of the scalp as possible. Latched dreadlocks are easier to maintain and very durable. This method can be very expensive at salons and many argue it is not good for the long-term health of the dreadlocks.



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