red and black dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are often thought of as a permanent solution to natural hair care. As with life things change, after making the decision to remove your dreadlocks one option is combing them out. Akua shares with us her journey on getting rid of her dreadlocks.


Why did you decide to stop growing your locks?

– I decided to take out my locks because I was ready for a change. My mom
locked my hair when I was 2 years old, which this year made 20 years ago.
I’m grateful to have grown up with natural (unprocessed) hair but I
secretly always wanted a big old school afro!

Why didn’t you want to big chop?

– I was too afraid to cut my hair, which is why I waited so long to take them out- I was unaware you could comb them out until last year. The vain side of me also wasn’t ready to have short hair,  after so many years of it being long also.

How long did it take to comb the dreadlocks out?
– For me it took 6 weeks. This isn’t typical though, I took ‘my sweet
time’ taking them out, there were days and even weeks when I didn’t take
any out at all. When my mom and I took hers out it took us exactly 7 days.

What did you use to take out your dreadlocks?red natural hair
– I used conditioner, water and a rat tail comb. Wet each lock (no need to
wet your whole head) rub conditioner into it and pick it out from the
bottom with the metal tip of the comb

What are your recommendations for people who want to remove their dreadlocks?

– #1 get someone/people to help you! The more people helping the better
(and faster) make it a hair party even.

#2 Take your time with it, I noticed I was shedding more hair when I was trying to rush.

red dreadlocks#3 Keep it conditioned. Once you take your hair out, and during the process, your
hair will be more vulnerable. Combing it out causes a lot of stress to the
hair. I personally didn’t use heat for about two months after taking it
out and deep conditioned it every week.

#4 A deep cleaner or castile soap is good for getting rid of the excess ‘gunk’ that will be left over from your dreadlocks.