Get Perfect EyeBrows

Eyebrows are very important in the structure of your face.

Even if your don’t wear makeup having groomed eyebrows should atleast be apart of your beauty regime.

We have all seen the pictures of perfectly groomed,  filled in eyebrows that was done correctly.

And I’m Sure you have seen the pictures of them done HORRIBLY! ………..

Have you always wanted to have perfect brows but afraid of how it would turn out?

Don’t worry, take a look at this incredible brow tutorial by Ely Marino using Motives!


1. Start off with clean groomed brows! Take Motives 212 Spoolie brush to comb hairs in same direction. 

2. Taking Motives Essential brow kit, and #213 brow brush, line the bottom part of your eyebrow, creating your shape! Follow your own natural shape.

3. Line on top of the brow going a little less then half way (or about half way). This gives you the out line and shape you need to fill in the brows.

4. Fill in your brows, but leaving the front of the brow bare (use a light hand as you get closer to the front part of the brow.

5. Without picking up anymore product, brush upward filling in the front of the brow, slowly diffusing the lines you created to make your shape.

6. For a more defined brow, use concealer for any clean up that may be needed! Brush #229 was used for this with Motives Creme Concealer in Amber.

7. To set brows in place I used Motives Brow Perfecting Gel in the color Dark Brown!

And there you have it! Seven simple steps to the perfect eyebrows! For those that are a little more visual here is a video tutorial on a more fancy eyebrow technique : The Gradient Brow


What do you think? How do you do your eyebrows?

 Let us know in the comment section below 🙂 





If you ever wanted to get your natural hair regimen on point but just haven't taken that first step, this challenge is for you!

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