It’s the beginning of October and although the weather isn’t quite cold yet that isn’t stopping restaurants from putting out their best cinnamon infused recipes. The smell of cinnamon marinating the kitchen has got to be one of my favorite signs that the autumn season is in full effect. The great thing about cinnamon is that it can actually be used not only be used to satisfy taste-buds but to satisfy hair strands.

Cinnamon actually has many medical benefits due to its high level of anti-oxidants, a little bit of cinnamon can actually help balance out your body’s insulin levels. A high level of anti-oxidants for the inner body is also good for the outer body thus cinnamon can double as a beneficial ingredient for skin and hair. When used on the skin and hair cinnamon’s anti-bacterial properties will help promote healthier skin and hair growth.

Here are some hair and skin recipes using cinnamon:

1.) Lemon Juice + Cinnamon Powder= Toner: The anti-oxidants in lemon combined with that in cinnamon will create a great toner that will help control acne and lighten dark spots.

2. ) Cinnamon Oil=Hot Oil Treatment: Have you ever heard of cinnamon oil? Well it is actually real. You can buy some here or try your luck at your nearest health store. Cinnamon oil can be used as a hot oil treatment. If you’re unfamiliar with how to do a hot oil treatment simply take the oil, heat it (but not too hot that it burns/damages your scalp), and apply it to your hair and scalp before you begin your washing process.

3.) Cinnahoney Hair Mask: Mix cinnamon, honey, olive oil, and 1 egg together to create a smooth texture. Apply this mixture to your hair strands either with your hands or a type of paintbrush. The combination of these ingredients will help repair and treat damaged hair as well as add moisture.

4.) Honey+Cinnamon=Soft Clear Skin: Mixing a good amount of these two ingredients will help create a face mask that you will leave on for at least 10 minutes and then rinse off leaving you with moisturized skin. Because honey & cinnamon both have properties that fight off acne the mixture of both ingredients doubles the acne fighting properties.

Endia Mathews