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Autumn is here ladies! Yes, the trees are losing their leaves and the leaves are changing their colors. Whether you like it or not the nights are getting a bit chilly and soon the days will as well. It is time to go deep into that dark jungle that is your closet and get out your comfiest jackets, your warmest boots, and your cutest scarves.

Scarves are a great accessory for the colder months. They come in so many different colors and patterns that they are able to help take your outfit to a new level. Another bonus for scarves is that they can be tucked, tied, and pulled in many different ways in order to create a completely different look. Two of these looks include a turban and head wraps which happens to double as a protective style for us naturalistas.

Turbans and head wraps have become quite the trend for Westerners in the past few years. They are a great style to wear when you’re feeling a bit too lazy to do your hair or as a backup hairstyle if your first hairstyle just didn’t come out the way you expected it to.  All you need is a scarf and your hands.


How to achieve a turban/ head wrap style. 
1.)  Style your hair however you choose. If you want the scarf to completely cover your hair then style it so that your hair won’t look weird underneath it by choosing something like flat twists. If you want to leave some hair out  section whatever you want shown and pin/tie it out. Basically style your hair how you hope to see it. 
2.) Take your selected scarf. Depending on the length fold the scarf so that the ends are aligned. If your scarf is shorter in length or doesn’t need folding then don’t fold it. 
3.) Taking the ends of your scarf align the middle of your scarf to the lower middle section of your head.
4.) Pull the scarf over your head and tie the ends of your scarf into a knot in the front center of your head.  
5.) Twist the ends of the scarf around each other and continue until either you’ve reached the ends or you have the desired look you want. 
6.)Again, depending on your desired style tuck the remaining fabric under the rest of the scarf. 
If you still don’t have the gist of it watch some YouTube videos or look at a  few inspirational pictures below to give you an idea of the turban look. 

The most commonly worn way to wear a turban/head wrap is to completely wrap the hair in a scarf.


Sometimes a little hair is left out in the front


                                                                                                               Or at the crown 
                                                                                                      SONY DSC
                                                                           There are no rules, let out as much hair as you want. 
                                                                         You can even style whatever hair you left out for a different look. 
                                                     What ways do you wear your turbans/ head wraps? Let us know in the comment section below. 
Endia Mathews