Beginning the journey of locking one’s hair is a refreshing and exciting period regardless of being a loose natural first or transitioning straight from a relaxer. Either way it is always best to have the essential tools for dreadlocks maintenance to prepare you for your growing task ahead.

  1. Metal free elastic bands -to separate or hold locks without causing breakage.
  2. Metal hair clips hold freshly rolled locks in place while drying.
  3. Heated conditioning cap great for hot oil treatments.
  4. Various hair accessories
  5. Silk and/or Satin scarves -protects hair while sleeping and also a great accessory.
  6. Shower cap -protect from saturating locks daily in the shower, also great for hot oil treatments.
  7. Cheesecloth/gauze pads used to refresh and clean your scalp.
  8. Collection of essential oils – like tea tree or rosemary oil to act as astringents and antiseptics  for your scalp.
  9. Hair moisturizer ex. coconut oil, olive oil. Nothing that is mineral oil or petroleum-based.
  10. Alcohol free gel/holding cream -specifically something for locks or braids that isn’t drying and wont cause flaking and buildup.
  11. Antiseptics- (Tea Tree Oil, Witch Hazel,) to cleanse scalp in between shampoos.